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Mes Aynak : Archaeologists

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At the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM)

Summer 2014 Courses - UHM Roshan Institute Instructor Ladan Hamedani Offers Two Persian Language Courses

Fall 2014 Courses - UHM Roshan Institute Instructor Ladan Hamedani Offers Persian Language Courses & Literature Courses

Fall 2014 Courses - Dr. James Frankel, REL 352: SUFISM Mystical Traditions of Islam

Fall 2014 Courses - Dr. Tamara Albertini, PHIL 330: Islamic Philosophy

Islamic Studies Certificate at University of Hawaii at Manoa

Talk - Dr. Tamara Albertini, “When Hermeneutics Becomes Hermeneuthics: al-Ghazzālī’s Subject-Centered Tarīqa (Path) and His Philosophy of Language”

Talk - Nadia Siddiqui, “Beyond Survival: Theater, Culture, and Justice in Afghanistan”

Talk - Fuchsia Hart, “The Alchemy of Happiness: The Importance of the Heart” in Classical Persian Poetry

Talk - Dr. Sylvia Tidey, “Being Comfortably Muslim and Transgender in Indonesia”

Videos & Background - Uyghur Central Asian Dance

Annotated Bibliography – On the Southern Philippines from the UHM Center for Philippine Studies



The Muslim Societies of Asia and the Pacific (MSAP ) program mission is to enhance understanding of Islam and Muslim cultures through curating resources on the Muslim humanities, with a focus on Asia. Link below for updated announcements and opportunities.
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